Zengobi Curio is “an amazingly flexible digital notebook for storing and managing everything" available for Mac OSX.
It serves as a digital hub for all of the larger projects that I’m working on and I would describe it as a Swiss army knife of project and content management. While I may create content in many of my other favorite applications such as Evernote, Google Docs, Scrivener, Omnigraffle, etc., Curio serves as the area where I put it all together to provide the context for each of these items in the larger project.
Curio has a very rich task management system that also integrates with Apple Calendar and Apple Reminders, but one of the shortcomings of Curio is that it is not a task management system that is as ubiquitously available as other task management specialty tools. I can’t check-off, edit tasks, or update tasks when I’m away from Curio. Nevertheless, the amazing flexibility of Curio allows me to integrate one of my favorite task management systems into my Curio workflow. This is where Todoist comes in.
Todoist is an equally impressive, best-of-breed task management system that is available on virtually all desktop and mobile platforms.
It allows me to keep my task list with me wherever I happen to be. Todoist also has numerous integrations including email integration making task capture very easy.
The beauty of using Curio and Todoist together is explained as follows. Curio allows for insertion of Web Views into any workspace.

Todoist has a beautiful, minimalistic web application with specific URLs for each of my projects. At the top level of each Curio project, I can place a Web View of my project task list from Todoist. This list is fully editable then from within Curio and changes show up immediately everywhere I’m using Todoist.
Congratulations to Doist.com and Zengobi.com on their continued active development of these wonderful software platforms!